21 Ways to Save

While you’re organizing and packing for your move, it’s a great time to consider what things you’d really like to keep and which things you are ready to let go of and donate or throw away as trash. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines.

1. New Home Floor Plan
If possible, get a floor plan of your future residence, or make one to scale on graph paper. Then create a floor plan with your current furniture in it. If it won’t fit on paper, it won’t fit when you arrive.

2. “I Might Need It Someday” Syndrome
Don’t move the riding lawn mower if you are moving to an apartment. Go ahead and part with those tools you won’t have a place to use. Just because you might need it someday, does not mean that it is useful to keep now.

3. Books, books…and More Books
Condense your library as much as possible. Then look in to the cost of mailing books compared to the cost of moving them. The special postage rate for books may save you money.

4. Plants
Check with us about moving plants. In some cases it may be illegal to bring plants into a particular state. Even if it is possible, it may not be sensible. You may want to give them away before you move.

If you’re determined to take your huge outdoor planters, fill them with miscellaneous items instead of dirt.

5. A Closet Full
While one dress or one suit doesn’t weigh much, the average full wardrobe carton weighs 75 pounds. So if you’re never going to wear it, don’t move it. Contact your local Goodwill agency and make a donation—there may be tax benefits.

6. The Sound of Money
Hundreds of CD’s can make for a heavy box. If your taste has changed from rock to Bach, purge you collection accordingly. Some music stores will buy back your used CD’s for cash or store credit. Wrap CD’s in a large piece of heavy paper, starting at the paper’s edge and alternately folding the paper over one CD and stacking another on top (CD-paper-CD-paper). When you have run out of room on the paper, place the bundle upright in a packing carton.

7. Toys Are Us?
Now is the time to clean out the toy box. If the kids are old enough, give them incentive. Let them stage their own garage sale and keep the profits to buy something special after you’ve moved.

Consider selling weight lifting equipment and replacing it at your destination. Remember, weight equals cost. Consider selling any hobby equipment you no longer enjoy.

8. Weekend Warrior
The workshop of a weekend warrior is typically a storehouse of heavy, bulky items. Evaluate them carefully before deciding to move them. It might be advantageous to replace the massive workbench, etc.

9. Rugs
Unless they are valuable, make sure they will fit and flatter your new residence. If not, sell them or donate them before you leave.

10. Firewood
Don’t take it with you.

11. Cue Clues
A pool table requires special handling. Your best shot might be to sell it and then replace it at your new destination.

12. Musical Notes
Pianos and organs also require special handling and should be tuned after a move. If they are an enjoyable part of your lifestyle, move them. If they are just impressive trimming, you might want to trim your moving costs.

13. Bah Humbug
Be a scrooge when it comes to special holiday decorations. It might be time to get some new ones when you arrive at your new home. And certainly, don’t move what you can’t or won’t use.

14. Don’t Be Fuelish
Safety is key! Do not under any circumstances move flammable items. Empty fuel from the lawn mower, power tools, and kerosene lamps. Don’t take bleach, cleaning compounds, paints (oil base), lighter fluids, matches, ammunition or any other type of combustible. Check your child’s chemistry set. And finally, butane and propane tanks CANNOT be loaded into a moving van. If you have doubts, don’t take it. Better safe than sorry.

15. Can Your Aerosol Cans
Do not move any aerosol cans—hair sprays, shaving creams, deodorants, household cleaners, insecticides, tarnish removers, car cleaners and others.

16. Have a Garage Sale
Organize, advertise and hold a garage sale. You might be amazed at how fast your trash can become someone else’s treasure.

17. For more valuable items
It pays to put an ad where the interest is for your valuable item. Consider the classified section of your metropolitan and neighborhood newspapers.

18. Donate to Your Favorite Charity
Itemize your donations and keep a receipt. It may help you qualify for a tax deduction.

19. Hearth and Home
They go together. Special fireplace screens and tools are hard to move and may not fit where you are going. You may want to sell them with your home.

20. From Flag Poles to Basketball Goals
Moving these items may not be worth it. Sell them with the house and save yourself time, trouble, and money.

21. And finally….Click Here to download a copy of The Five Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Mover. You’ll find some great money-saving tips and general good advice.


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